Alan Gilbey's Writing Workout


As seen at The Childrens Media Conference 2012The National Media Museum (nine years running), The National Film School, Cbeebies, Hit and Channel Four.                                                                       


Some years ago, at the request of film festivals I began running screen writing sessions aimed at animation students, but soon realised that me just lecturing wasn’t a great way to impart information or inspire people. Drawing on many years experience as a community drama worker I began to develop something better. The workout is the result.


These three hour crash courses teach the basic building blocks of screen storytelling in a fast, fun, participatory style with lots of silly games and group writing exercises, plus watching the odd cartoon.  I don't tell people how to write, I let them explore writing.


Participants take away a full set of notes and a nice buzzy feeling that they’ve done a lot in a very short space of time.


"Those who think scriptwriting workshops are didactic,

heads-down, non-interactive affairs should hot-foot it to one

of Alan Gilbey’s expertly-delivered animation writing sessions.


Alan’s workshops take in everything from watching classic animated films to physical exercises and elaborate stunts – usually performed by the man himself. They lift the act of writing from the page itself, getting students to engage with storytelling in a hands-on, brain active way.


Alan’s infectious enthusiasm, unique workshop style and the copious notes he presents to each participant are a winning formula. I’d recommend his sessions to anyone with even a passing interest in scriptwriting for animation."


Adam Pugh, National Museum of 

Photography, Film And Television.


"Alan’s lively workshops and unpretentious approach de-mystified

the rules of screenwriting for C4’s Animators In Residence,

resulting in stronger, structurally sound films."


Ruth Fielding, joint Managing Director Lupus Films

and animation consultant to Channel Four.



So why flex your mental muscles with a workout of your own? All I need is…


8 - 24 people

A large room with lots of free floor space.

A laptop link, DVD player and TV.

A flipchart, post it notes and some pens.

One enormous fee.


(Actually I’m suprisingly affordable, so go on, get in touch.)

Participants taking a vow only to write good from now on.